Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tools, Practices, + Structures, to Guide Self-Directed Learning

Want a community that embraces self-directed learning? These tools, practices, and structures are used to support such a community as part of The Agile Learning Model. They can be used anywhere and modified to best support learning in your environment.

To follow you will read about the following structures, tools, and practices:

  • Set-the-week Meeting
  • Offerings Board
  • Scrum
  • Morning Intentions / Stand-up Meeting
  • Spawn Points
  • Personal Kanban
  • Gratitude Circle / Community Rituals
  • Closing Meeting / Afternoon Reflections
  • Change-up meetings
  • Community Mastery Board (CMB)
  • GameShifting

Take a look. Think about what you like. Consider what may be successful to put in place where you work.

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