Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bullies: Let’s Do More Than Ignore

If you’re involved in an education movement or engage in pioneering practices, you have noticed not everyone agrees with your views. 

Effective movers and shakers welcome a challenge. They are ready to take on the discourse that comes from sharing their ideas with a global audience. They understand that inspiring peers and change requires a thick skin. There is a difference however between respectful discourse and those who use their voice and reputation to intimidate and belittle others. Unfortunately, it is not unusual to have a bully who derails conversations and brings the movement off track with personal attacks as well as damaging and demeaning engagements.   Recently, a friend grappled with the issue of online bullying with members of her learning network which included people with many perspectives including those impacted by such behavior. Overwhelmingly, their advice was this:
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