Sunday, January 17, 2016

5 Tips for Education Blogging: #EdCampNYC Takeaways fr @RossCoops31 @TonySinanis @MsSackstein

I attended an #EdCampNYC session called "The 3Bs of Connection Education (Blogging + Branding w/ Buddies). The conversation was led by @RossCoops31 @TonySinanis @mssackstein. They shared ideas and insights with participants about being connected in general and blogging in particular.  A blog is one important piece of your digital footprint as +Tim Needles Tweeted along with the photo he shared of the session below.
Here are some tips for those who are interested in bringing blogging into their practice that were shared by the innovative educators who were leading the session (along with a few from me).

1) Getting Comments
A concern for participants was that no one would comment on student blogs. Here are suggestions to remedy that.
1)  Write an email to parents telling them what you are doing and ask them to comment.
2)  Ask students to comment on blogs of others in the class.
3)  Ask other classes at your school to comment.
4)  Ask teachers you know have classes at their school comment.
5)  Try Quad Blogging. Edutopia’s Suzie Boss describes it here.  
6)  Make a killer Tweet (see how here) incorporating the link to the post and using the #Comments4Kids hashtag.
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